When it comes to environmental and geotechnical drilling and sampling, businesses need a contractor who uses the latest drilling technologies, maintains the highest quality standards, and abides by occupational health and safety regulations. 

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Receive an Uncontaminated Soil Sample by Hiring the Right Brisbane Drilling Contractors

Contaminated soil samples can cause severe project backups, among various other problems A high-quality soil sample will provide peace of mind that your site is geologically and structurally sound and that groundwater contamination is not an issue. Additionally, a quality soil sample will ensure that your company is complying with all relevant regulations concerning soils and work site suitability.

Unfortunately, not all soil samples provide a quality result. If you hire the wrong team of drilling contractors in Brisbane, you could end up with a soil sample rendered useless by human error or equipment malfunction. Either way, this contaminated sample will add extra time to your project timeline and delay your team moving forward. In extreme situations, a single flawed soil sample might even make it impossible for your team to adhere to project deadlines - costing your business thousands of dollars.

Rely on Numac Drilling Services Australia for Better Soil Samples

At Numac Drilling Services Australia, we know how disruptive and costly a problem with your soil sample can be. When you hire us as your Brisbane drilling contractors, we will maintain a meticulous, detail-oriented level of focus while collecting, transporting and testing your soil sample. Our ultimate goal is always to get the job done right the first time, making second attempts obsolete.

We believe that this focus on quality service is the reason that Numac has been able to continue growing and expanding in the years since we first opened our doors. Our company has been serving the industry for two decades. We provide the services that you can count on when you are preparing to break ground on a new project.

Experience is just one of the factors that set Numac Drilling Services apart from the competition. Our industry knowledge, combined with state of the art equipment and a highly qualified team, are the other secrets behind our success. We also maintain the highest safety and training standards in our industry—factors that have helped us land clients in high-risk sectors like mining, defence, petroleum and more.


Information about the composition of the earth below the surface is vital for operations across many industries. Determining the depth of an aquifer and searching for rich veins of minerals are two examples; investigating the potential contamination of a former industrial site is another. In each case, precise drilling is the best way to search for the answers a business needs. This task is often not easy, with many logistical challenges to navigate. Organisations searching for drilling contractors in Brisbane must have confidence in the reliability of the results to make informed decisions about a site.

To meet these needs, Numac Drilling Services Australia provides reliable and accurate options as a Brisbane drilling contractor by using cutting edge technologies in both drilling and data analysis. These extensive abilities enable us to execute a variety of projects. We can coordinate with your team to aid in pinpointing the ideal approach to a given job site. Our firm, staffed by experienced professionals with rigorous and intensive training, leads the way in delivering accuracy and clarity for clients. With a proven record of success for clients of every size, Numac simplifies the complex world of drilling for efficient results.

Your Brisbane drilling contractor for dependable data

Providing clients with detailed site visualisations and pure ground samples, without contamination is what we do. We employ advanced equipment capable of meeting demanding requirements, even in challenging physical conditions. Numac recently expanded their abilities through the addition of sonic drilling equipment. This approach yields the capacity to conduct drilling operations in any geological formation.

As your contractor, we will work to create an effective site assessment plan as our first step towards success. Once in the field, our experienced operators will implement these plans. We always take great care to accomplish all drilling tasks correctly on the initial visit. Whether those tasks include taking samples, installing underground monitoring equipment, or placing pumps, we’ll use our skills to exceed your expectations.

Learn More about Our Drilling Contractors in Brisbane

If you are interested in learning more about hiring Numac Drilling Services Australia as your Brisbane drilling contractor, call us on 1300 131 019. The number is a national free call so that you can reach us with no tolls or fees regardless of your location. Let us know what you need in regards to soil sample testing, as well as information about your deadlines. We will put together a team of drillers to collect and test a sample for you so that you can move forward with the other stages of your project. If we find that there is some form of contamination in your sample, our team can also suggest and carry out remediation procedures to prepare your work site for a safe, environmentally conscious future.