AUSTRALIA'S Premier drilling contractor

Numac Drilling Services is Australia’s premier environmental, geotechnical and sonic drilling contractor operating out of permanent locations in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Cairns. With 20 years’ industry experience, highly specialised equipment, and highly-skilled team, we can confidently say we have Australia’s drilling and site assessment needs covered.

Our extensive industry experience ranges small-scale environmental investigations through to full remote camp mining and international infrastructure projects. Numac provides Australia’s most comprehensive suite of High Resolution Site Characterisation (HRSC) systems for contaminated land assessments and investigations as well as some of the most powerful sonic drilling rigs on the market. This enables us to provide a complete range of drilling and site investigation solutions, such as:


Sonic drilling is ideal for Geotech, geothermal, landfill, shallow mineral exploration and overwater applications. As Australia’s Australia's leading sonic drilling contractors we operate a fleet of powerful crawler-mounted sonic drill rigs from our Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria depots for a diverse a diverse range of industries. No matter how challenging the scenario, Numac offers a sonic drilling solution to suit your project requirements and budget.


Our environmental drilling services include High Resolution Site Characterisation (HRSC), direct-push sampling, monitoring well installation, rotary air and down the hole hammer drilling (rock drilling), SP16 in situ groundwater sampling, pre-packed well installation, solid and hollow stem augers, and hydro excavation.  


With one of Australia’s most advanced and diverse drill rig fleets operating out of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Numac leads local geotechnical drilling companies in the provision of geotechnical solutions. Our services include diamond coring, cone penetration testing (CPT), instrument installations (inclinometers, thermocouples, VWPs, etc.), and pneumatic and hydraulic packer tests.


In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) is an environmental remediation technique used for soil and groundwater remediation to reduce (or eliminate) concentrations of contaminants to safe levels. With a range of injection systems to suit all applications and mobile skid-mounted units which can be positioned anywhere on site, Numac can tailor an ISCO solution to your specific project requirements.


As leading drilling contractors with an exemplary track record, our safety, quality and environmental management systems are all third-party accredited. This accreditation provides client confidence and ensures we can get on any site with minimal effort to our clients.